Category: Sailing
Weight: 6.9 ounces
Best for: Keelboat sailors who run around the boat a lot.
Key Feature: Quick-dry

When it comes to keelboats, I’ve always been a barefoot sailor. Sure, I’ve had my fair share of cuts and scrapes, but I prefer being able to feel the deck to wearing heavy, clunky boat shoes with thick soles. However, these adidas have completely changed my perspective. The mesh upper allows for excellent breathability and comfort, and at just under 7 ounces I barely notice I am wearing them.

The shoes fit like a glove. There is a little leeway in the toe box, but they fit tightly enough that they don’t slip as you move around the boat.  They are flexible enough that you can grip onto any surface, even in rough conditions. I even climbed a mast to retrieve a halyard with these on my feet, something I would never dream of doing while wearing topsiders. This flexibility combined with the lightweight construction means you can feel every movement of the boat. You’ll notice as soon as you step on a line, so there is never the risk of getting caught standing on a halyard.

The feature that really won me over on these shoes, however, is how quickly they dry. Drain holes placed throughout the sole mean that as soon as you get swamped by a wave, the water drains right out the bottom. You can get drenched by blast of spray and have dry feet in ten minutes. The non-marking soles have grip for days, so you will stay firmly planted in even the biggest seas.

Bottom Line:  The adidas Boat Laces are lightweight, designed for performance and comfortable. On top of all that, they look pretty sweet too. Whether you’re on the foredeck, working pit, or back in the cockpit, I would seriously recommend these shoes to any competitive keelboat sailor.

John O'Riordan has been sailing for his whole life.  Now he teaches sailing in New York Harbor, jams out to Hendrix, and cooks awesome food.

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