Affiliation: Complex
Twitter: @NickEngvall
Grail: Converse Chuck Taylor All Star "John Lennon Peace"
Released: 2004

There are a lot of sneakers that I like but when it comes down to it, there is only one pair I would never let go of. In 2004, Converse partnered with the John Lennon Foundation to create a limited number of Chucks. The Beatles were my Dad's favorite band so I grew up listening to a lot of them and a lot of John Lennon. I wasn't able to find these anywhere near me when they came out, not sure where they released but I remember there was a big NYC event to bring people out and have a peace demonstration (the pair features the word for "Peace" in about 10 languages all over the upper). A couple years later I found myself dating a girl who really opened up my world and she was looking for the same shoe. It was one of those crazy experiences that make you think things are meant to be, so I was on the lookout for them once again. I was able to find a pair in her size and it took a couple years for me to find my pair. I ended up finding them in an old sneaker store in Los Angeles off of Fairfax in 2010. They were dusty as hell but they were still in perfect shape. Funny how things happen, but the Converse John Lennon Peace Chucks still hold more value in my life than any other sneaker I've owned.