It's the dog days of summer and you can feel the symptoms: your energy level is hovering slightly above a 0.5, you refuse activities that involve being more than 3 feet away from an A/C, and you wear shorts to work now. Constantly sipping water is easy to forget, but if you're planning on working out in this heat, it's a must. Enter the Camelbak Cloud Walker. If you're into carrying an outdoorsy-looking pack then this is perfect for you, if you're not so much then just slip out the water system and put it in your desk's top drawer, the straw can serve as a constant reminder to sip.

(Editor's Note: This works best when you work at home or have sufficient privacy at your desk as slipping from a bright blue tube all day can make you look like you take yourself way too seriously or are suffering the effects of a hang-over.)


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