Michael Jordan's NBA Finals moments are well documented, but what about the players who contributed to Chicago's historic '90s run while in MJ's shadow? On June 20, 1993, in Game 6 of the Finals, the Bulls were down 96-98 with just seconds left on the clock. Rather than running the obvious play and kicking the ball to Jordan, Chicago put their faith in reserve point guard John Paxson. Launching a three-pointer with just 3.9 seconds left, Paxson nailed it and gave the Bulls a 99-98 advantage. During the game's final play, Bulls forward Horace Grant swatted a shot from Kevin Johnson, sealing the deal as Chicago secured their third consecutive NBA Championship. Chicago stands as only one of three teams in history to win three back-to-back titles.

Paxson was known for wearing Reeboks throughout his NBA run, and in this particular game he wore the Dee Brown-endosred Reebok Pump Above the Rim D-Time. Featuring classic Reebok tech like the custom-fitting Pump system, this model was re-released in limited numbers, however Paxson's colorway has yet to resurface.

Although Paxson's shot was the edge Chicago needed to win the game, Michael Jordan was the real force for the Bulls during the '93 Finals. Jordan averaged a Finals record 41 points per game, winning his third straight MVP award. The only other player to win three Finals MVP honors is Magic Johnson, but Mike would end up surpassing this number with three more MVP honors in '96, '97, and '98. If that's not enough to convince you that Jordan is in a class of his own, nothing will.

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