You may be familiar with TomTom car navigation systems and the Nike Sportwatch featuring TomTom technology. Now, it’s time to meet the TomTom GPS Sport Watch—the brand’s first lone venture into the sport technology market.

Available in two different models—the Runner and the Multi-Sport GPS—the new line of wrist wear for athletes is designed with ease-of-use and accuracy in mind. For runners looking for a reliable performance tracking device, the TomTom Runner does everything from track distance, to calories burned, and even race mode which displays a digital ghost cursor which lets you compare your past runs with your current ones. For athletes in search of a do-it-all device, there’s the Multi-Sport GPS. Along with a run mode, the Multi-Sport both a cycling and a swimming feature—perfect for triathletes.

Sure there’s tons of performance tracking devices to choose from, but what sets the TomTom series apart is its simple one-button control that lets you access all of your performance without slowing you down on the road. Look for the TomTom devices at your local specialty stores in the coming weeks. Check back with SneakerReport for a gear review on the watches.

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