Summer jobs are usually the most laborious and therefore the most grueling of your lifelong career. But fortunately they are also the most memorable, so let’s take your thoughts off your feet with some of these comfy suggestions. Overworked and underpaid, make sure you’re taking good care of your feet with these 10 Performance Sneakers for 10 Grueling Summer Jobs.

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No. 1 - Hostess at a Fancy-Schmancy Restaurant

The Perfect Sneaker: Skecher Bike Up

Your boss will insist on a dressy-looking shoe, the slippery floor will demand something with traction, and your legs and back will beg for comfort. Not the prettiest shoe out there, but Skechers makes one hell of a FOH shoe, complete with an slip resistant outsole and a comfortable sockliner.



No. 2 - Lifeguard

The Perfect Shoe: OluKai Kia’i II

Whether you’re a PFD-toting lifesaver at your local water park or an exotic location, you’ll need something other than sunblock out there. Treat your toes with some protection against hot concrete and sandy situations. Designed with the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association and tested daily by 450 lifeguards, the sequel Kia is made with a water resistant synthetic strap with a neoprene backing on an EVA midsole for super comfy, fully equipped slip-on.



No. 3 - Landscaper

The Perfect Shoe: Wolverine DuraShocks Slip Resistant Work Boot

Manual labor, the ultimate workout. Whether it’s just raking out the gutter or building a pool, you’ll need a protective, waterproof shoe that can handle whatever the neighbors across the cul-de-sac throw at you. This boot from Wolverine might cost you a few hours in the sun, but the protection is worth it and they will last summer after summer.


Nike Hyperfuse

No. 4 - Busboy

The Perfect Shoe: Men’s Nike Hyperfuse Low

Bussing tables is a bit like basketball, you have to be super aware of your ever-changing environment, quickness and agility is key, and you’re going to work up a sweat. This low-cut Hyperfuse is a great option as it supplies the traction you’ll need for back of the house tasks without looking like your dad’s shoes.



No. 5 - Summer Camp Counselor

The Perfect Shoe: adidas Terrex Fast X Mid GTX

Your perfect shoe here could vary depending on your location and type of camp. Boy Scout and soccer camps are going to need a different shoe than non-competitive hippy establishments in Maine, but the same rules apply. When you’re around kids, protect your toes. Summer + no parents + no school = some crazy ass kids with no regard for your personal space.

adidas Outdoor has some great options for counselors looking for a shoe to go from morning meeting to bead-making to hiking and back again, rainor shine.


Fathers Day - adidas Energy Boost

No. 6 - Valet

The Perfect Shoe: adidas Energy Boost

As a valet, you’ll need a shoe that’s good for standing still for hours on end with an unexpected need for speed throughout the evening. The adidas Energy Boost is comfy for the waiting portion and should add an extra spring to your step should you need it running up six floors of parking garage.

HiRez 1

No. 7 - Dogwalker

The Perfect Shoe: New Balance HI-REZ

First of all, props for picking the less grueling profession out there. Unless one of the dogs is near-death old or rabid, you’ve got a chill gig, so wear whatever you want. May we suggest the Minimus HI-REZ though? One of the lightest shoes out there, you’ll be ready to run if you need to.


Under Armour

No. 8 - Amusement Park Employee

The Perfect Shoe: Under Armour UA Spine Venom

Chances are, the place you choose to work at does not supply park wide A/C, so you’ll need a breathable shoe that slips by the “no open toes” policy. Keep up your off-duty student athlete demeanor without sweating buckets with the UA Spine, it’s breathable and comfortable for one of the most uncomfortable jobs out there.


10200-3_1_700x700 copy

No. 9 - The Babysitter

The Perfect Shoe: Saucony Ride 6

Kids are a handful, so be ready to run. The Ride 6 is comfortable for all-day activities and the neon shade will disguise any spills or stains.


puma mobium

No. 10 - Sales Associate

The Perfect Shoe: Puma Mobium

Be equipped to stand for 8+ hours while smiling and appearing cheerful with a pair of shoe that don’t kill your feet. The Puma Mobium shoe is built for runners, but so far our reviewers found them most comfortable for day-to-day activities, which usually includes being on your feet. Hopefully this black and red combo will fly with your manager.


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