New Balance is the last major athletic company to still produce its sneakers in America. While not every New Balance sneaker is made domestically, the ones that are have a quality that can't be matched. Some folks might think the Boston-based brand is crazy from a cost standpoint, but New Balance has fired back and explained why it feels it's important to still make its shoes in New England.

In a short video, a voice narrates, "America is for those who know the best materials make the best products,"

Have you ever put on a pair of 993s, 998s, or any of the Made in USA New Balances? The suede is like nothing you'll find on other brands, and praying the midsole doesn't crack, or your toebox doesn't crease isn't even a thought. It just doesn't happen. From a consumer's standpoint, we're glad New Balance still makes shoes in the USA to these standards. Aren't sneakerheads always discussing quality issues? If so, they need to lace up a pair of NBs, seriously.

[via New Balance]