Ever had a sneaker in your collection that you wish you knew how to bring back to life, like resurrecting the dead? We all have that pair that you wish you didn’t ball in or wish you didn’t take to that house party that one night when things got a bit too crazy for Instagram. The kicks then become destined for the dumpster. Well, Hybrid KLR of KLRWHALES had that pair and had a different idea.

A pair of Nike Air Force III PRMs was one wear away from the trash bin when he decided to take his love for sneakers and bring this one back to life. Taking a little inspiration from Mr. Pigeon himself, Jeff Staple, this worn down and worn out sneaker was turned into what he calls now the “Safari Pigeon."  This one of one custom even got a double tap from Staple via Instagram. Check out a detailed look at the sneaker for yourself and tell us what you think.