Written by Nick Engvall (@NickEngvall)

The Nike Air Max line is one of the most significant sneaker lines in history and one of its most important aspects is the ability to create your own custom version on NIKEiD.com. The Nike Air Max line is one of my personal favorites and I've created a number of NIKEiDs over the years. The thing I like most about what NIKEiD allows you to do is intertwine the history of different aspects Nike's heritage. Whether your favorite sneaker is the Air Max 1, the Air Max 90 or the Air Max 95, NIKEiD allows you to take pieces from your favorite style or colorway and mix it with another silhouette to create a sneaker design that is uniquely yours.

The first time I ordered from NIKEiD in 2005, I opted to take one of my favorite colorways, the Infrared version of the Air Max 90, and use it as inspiration for an Air Max 95 design. The result became one of my favorite sneakers in my collection. When I visited the NIKEiD site recently to create a new pair, I took a similar approach to creating new designs. The Nike Air Max 95 colorway featuring Neon Yellow accents is one of the most classic and well known versions. It also happens to be one of my favorites.

When I looked through the colors available on NIKEiD, I knew the classic colorway would serve as inspiration for the Air Max 95 Dynamic Flywire and matching Air Max 2013. The combination of grey, black, white and yellow is everything that a running shoe should be, subtle monochrome color palette with bright and attention grabbing accents that highlight the most notable features of the shoe. In the case of both the Air Max 95 Dynamic Flywire and Air Max 2013, the Air Max sole had to be doused in yellow to show off one of the most significant elements of each design. It also happens to be the essential element that ties these two modern-day sneaker siblings together through a shared technology. A technology that builds on the heritage of the Air Max line separating it from competitors for over 25 years. Combining that with NIKEiDs ability to recreate memories in the form of custom sneakers allowed me to create the perfect pair.

Click Here To Design Your Own NIKE Air Max 95 Dynamic Flywire at NIKEiD

Click Here To Design Your Own NIKE Air Max 2013 at NIKEiD

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