adidas may be known as the Three Stripes brand today, but the symbol that revolutionized hip-hop and the sneaker game, arguably more than the Swoosh and Jumpman, is the adidas trefoil. To those who disagree, let the schooling begin. With sweat suits draped on the back of every B-boy and gold chains hanging low around rapper’s necks way before Jesus pieces entered the picture, adidas dressed the whole block. “Buying one adidas to rock and the other to stock” single-handedly birthed sneaker-collecting culture. Run D.M.C made a classic anthem with “My adidas” and MSG responded with every single hand, waving their unlaced, shell-toed adidas in the air. Palming your adidas became a statement epitomizing street credibility. In the words of Michael Jordan, “I never wore Nike shoes until I signed that Nike contract—up to that point, my favorite shoe was an adidas shoe.”

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