Reebok’s latest marketing campaign, “Live with Fire,” is currently underway, and to compliment the global campaign efforts, the brand is getting set to introduce its very own mobile fitness app.

While rivals like Nike and adidas already have similar fitness apps, Reebok has decided to up its app game as well by releasing the Reebok Fitness App.

Available on both Apple and Android (finally someone decided to look out for the overlooked Android users), the Reebok Fitness App is a tool designed to help users through five major workouts, including running, walking, dance, yoga, and training. With the app, users can customize workouts that cater to their specific needs.

This isn’t the first time Reebok has unveiled a fitness-based app. Last year the brand released the FitList app, which hooked up with Spotify to provide tunes to its users. However the app didn’t catch on as well as Reebok had hoped. So this time around it will hope for better results.


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