25 years ago, Michael "Air" Jordan secured his place in the memories of millions by winning the NBA Slam Dunk Contest. It wasn't just winning the contest, it was how he did it, that made it so unforgettable. You can take your pick of the dunks that made us all believe in Nike Air back then, but there was one that would forever be immortalized, the free throw line dunk. Michael's journey began at the opposite end of the court, with thousands watching in person at Chicago Stadium and exponentially more viewing on TV. The hometown crowd had been cheering MJ on through the first three rounds of competition against his dunk contest rival, Dominique Wilkins. Michael needed 49 points to beat 'Nique. He began his approach, 75 feet later he took flight, soaring through the air in the most picturesque way any player ever has, to throw down the most memorable slam dunk in the history of the dunk contest. 50 points later from the judges, he was crowned the NBA Slam Dunk Contest champ. Yeah, those Nike Airs, the ones that made MJ fly, they're back. Get them Wednesday at NikeStore.com.