Mizuno makes some of the best neutral running sneakers on the market. But what about you runners who prefer a midfoot strike? Not to worry, the brand finally has a shoe that is fitting for you: the Wave EVO Levitas.

Based around the idea of “more is less,” the Wave EVO Levitas is Mizuno’s latest zero-drop minimalist shoe designed specifically to cater to midfoot runners. Along with Mizuno Wave Technology in the forefoot for protection and comfort, the shoe features an 8 mm/8 mm heel-forefoot design for a low-to-the-ground ride. If you’re wondering about the weight of the shoe, all you really need to know is that the the word “Levitas” is derived from the Latin word for “light”—in other words, the shoe is the lightest and fastest of the EVO series (which includes the Cursoris model as well).

The Wave Evo Levitas is available now for $110.

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