There are many different types of runners out there— from

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No. 10  - Run NYC, Every Square Inch!

There are plenty of running blogs out there that provide an enlightened professional perspective, and don't worry, we'll get to those. Sometimes, the blogs started by more casual enthusiasts can be just as motivating. Brian Gustavson has come up with a really cool training goal: to run every square inch of New York City while training for his next marathon. What is even cooler is that he has taken great pains to document every step of his journey. Brian is already 100 posts deep and he has provided video and photos from his run around the Big Apple. Those of us who have trouble getting up off the coach could take a page out of Brian's book, as he has set a goal, and has colorfully stuck to it.

Run NYC, Every Square Inch!

No. 9 - Running and Rambling

We are going to miss Donald Buraglio's updates from Running and Rambling, as he drew the blog to a close at the end of 2012. Though Donald has attracted readers with his gear reviews and perspective on barefoot running, readers stayed around because of his unique perspective. Whether he shared beautiful nature photos, Grateful Dead songs, or old Bloom County cartoons along with his blog posts, he reminded readers that running is not an end in itself, but part of a larger lifestyle. We recommend taking a look back through his archives for not only his perspective on running, but also for his perspective on life.

Running and Rambling

No. 8 - Peak Performance

Runner's World editor Amby Burfoot's bio explains that he was "a guinea pig in the first Gatorade experiment with runners (in 1968), and has closely followed the science of running ever since." His years of experience in the field are evident in breadth and depth of running news and information he comes up with daily on his blog. While Burfoot's years of experience in the field and his vast knowledge of running are evident, he is able to distill that knowledge in a way that keeps his work fresh and enjoyable. Articles like, "Should Runners be Wary of Certain Mouthwashes" prove that he is willing to mix in a quirky sensibility with his ample experience.

Peak Performance

No. 7 - RunBlogRun

While many websites run periodic information about famous runners, few blogs focus exclusively on news in the running world. This is where Larry Eder's blog, runblogrun, comes in. Eders provides an up-to-date feed with interviews, news, and perspective from some of the world's top runners. World class sprinters, hurdlers, and marathoners are profiled on his blog and the result is a set of varied and interesting perspectives. If you want to keep abreast of the moving and shaking in the track and field world, as well as keep an eye open for advice and perspective from world-class runners, runblogrun is for you.


No. 6 - Sweat Science 

Until recently, Alex Hutchison was running his "Sweat Science" blog on his own website. Recently he has moved over to Runner's World's blog community. When he moved over to Runner's World last year he promised that he would maintain his commitment to covering all aspects of "the science of fitness." So far, he has kept his promise and more. With articles like "Early Warnings of Overtraining" and "Dehydration Doesn't Cause Muscle Cramps?", Hutchison takes common athletic questions and tackles them from a scientific perspective. Do yourself a favor and learn a little more about why your body behaves the way it does with Hutchison's blog.

Sweat Science

No. 5 - iRunFar

iRunFar is one of the internet's most popular running blogs. In fact, iRunFar has become the internet destination for trail running and ultra marathoning information. Boasting 14,000 twitter followers, iRunFar has demonstrated that there is an active, engaged community to drives their site. Of course, iRunFar focuses on gear, as most blogs do, but their coverage of races and their columns that provide advice and perspective on the ultra marathoning and trail running community give the blog the unique voice that has made it so popular.


No. 4 - A Trail Runner's Blog

While we certainly appreciate articles by fitness experts, journalists, and casual enthusiasts, sometimes there is no substitute for the real deal. Scott Dunlap is a professional trail runner and triathlete, and he uses his blog to delve into all things trail running. For Scott, this ranges from your standard product reviews to interviews, research, and even original fiction. One of our favorite aspects of Scott's blog is the photography, and accompanying captions, from races he has run; these candid photos provide a behind the scenes view of the serious runner in action.

A Trail Runner's Blog

No. 3 - Run Infinity

While Run Infinity offers inspirational and training materials, what it does best is its newsfeed. Run Infinity is your destination for marathon news. If you are hungry for news on upcoming races, notable runners, and the marathoning community, Run Infinity is the blog for you. If you check Run Infinity on the regular, you will be in the know regarding all aspects of the marathoning world. With their clean layout, and the insightful articles they mix in along the way, the only work you'll have to do is the actual running.

Run Infinity

No. 2  - Running Shoe Guru

We love the layout of Running Shoe Guru. It can be daunting attempting to work through all the literature out there that aims to help you select the right running shoe, but this blog sets out to make it all digestible. One of our favorite aspects of the site is the "Find Your Shoe" feature. Here, the Guru asks you the important questions you need to consider before picking out your running shoe so you can focus on getting your run on. Once you've found the type of shoe you are looking for, you can begin pouring through the copious reviews to find the right one for you.

Running Shoe Guru

No. 1 - RunBlogger

Pete Larson is not only a runner, but he is also a biologist, which makes him the kind of guy who knows what he's talking about. While many websites provide you with shoe reviews, few of them can offer the in-depth perspective that Larson dispenses on a daily basis. While he offers tons of helpful reviews of individual shoes, we love it when Larson broadens his perspective and writes advice pieces like "5 Ways to Tell if a Running Shoe is a Good Match for You" or "Shoes Matter: Running Shoes Can Contribute to Injury." When you are ready to step up your shoe science game, Larson's blog should be your first stop.


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