With all of the latest tennis sneakers being rolled by brands in these first few weeks of 2013, you better believe adidas is getting in on a piece of the action as well. Today, we take a look at the newest version of the popular adidas Feather sneaker, the CC Feather II.

Not to be mistaken as the adizero Feather II from last season, the CC Feather is even lighter and more versatile than its predecessor. Designed to hit the courts as soon as you take them out of the box, the CC Feather II's SPRINTFRAME upper offers an incredible mix of advantages, including durability, stability, comfort, and breathability. In the midsole of the shoe, adidas has added an ADIPRENE insert for additional comfort and shock absorption. The CC Feather's insides are lined with Orthlite, which acts as a cushion, while improving moisture management while you leave it all out there on the court. Designed to ride low the ground, the sneaker also features what adidas refers to as a Sprinter Outsole Design--which allows players to push-off and change directions with ease. And if you're really want to see how your game has improved by playing in the CC Feather II, the shoe will let you know via its Micoach compatibility.


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