Halloween is over and done with, which means retailers have started to roll out gift guides like the holidays are tomorrow.

No need to start panicking just yet, but if you are one of those early bird shoppers

[New Balance]

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No. 20 - New Balance 709

Best Gift For: Your favorite gymrat.
Impress With: Acteva Ultra Light midsole, N-ergy cushioning, and premium leather upper combine to keep activity comfortable.
Holiday Colorways: Black / Silver, White / Black



No. 19 - New Balance 978

Best Gift For: Your father-in-law who spends his winter hunting.
Impress With: GORE-TEX fabric and gusseted tongue are guaranteed to keep feet warm and dry.
Holiday Colorways: Brown



No. 18 - New Balance 1260V2

Best Gift For: Your Dad. His New Year's Resolutions are for real this time, supposedly.
Impress With: The updated 1260V2 is the cream of the crop when it comes to training shoes, combining stellar cushioning and support, Stabilicore technology for premium control, and performance enhancers into one, stylish package.
Holiday Colorways: White / Black / Yellow, Black / Silver, Silver / Red / Black



No. 17 - New Balance 1290

Best Gift For: The brother-in-law you nicknamed "Forest" as his most common strategy for avoiding family holidays is running far, far away.
Impress With: The sole of this shoe features REVlight technology with ABZORB cushioning to set you off on the right foot for 2013.
Holiday Colorways: Grey / Blue, Black / Purple / Blue, Silver/ Orange / Black



No. 16 - Minimus 10 Trail

Best Gift For: Your girlfriend.
Impress With: Anyone will love the look of these shoe so it's perfect for your picky girlfriend. The New Balance's signature Vibram® outsole is perfect from yoga to Starbucks, she'll love it.
Holiday Colorways: Black / Silver, Grey / Orange, Black / Red, Grey / Yellow, Black / Orange, Silver / Lime Green



No. 15 - New Balance 1400

Best Gift For: Your cool cousin who lives in the gym and has picked up a girl or two outside of Zumba.
Impress With: The ultralight upper and REVLite midsole will get all your friends calling you "Speedy Gonzalez" even though they don't know what that means.
Holiday Colorways: Blue / Green, Orange / Purple



No. 14 - NBGruve 1157

Best Gift For: Your Nikehead friend who complains that even the Free "5.0" isn't beefy enough for his high arches.
Impress With: The fact that you were listening to his foot-specific complaints in the first place, and that you a solution with the NBGruv
Holiday Colorways: Grey / Green, Black / Orange, Blue / White / Lime Green, Grey / Black



No. 13 - New Balance 877

Best Gift For: Your roommate. These look great with jeans and can double as a gym sneaker, so that's one less pair of shoes clogging up your shared hallway.
Impress With: An update of the 813, it features a completely upgraded, stretch upper and a pivot point outsole for added stability during physical activities.
Holiday Colorways: Grey / Blue, Black, Silver / Green



No. 12 - New Balance 797

Best Gift For: The all around athlete. The 797 cross trainer is great for your relative that bounces from one activity to the next without a blink.
Impress With:  This kick features QUIX technology to help you with cutting motions for extra protection while weightlifting or on the basketball court.
Holiday Colorways: Grey / Lime Green, Black / Blue, Titanium / Cherry Tomato, White / Surf the Web / Lime Green



No. 11 - New Balance 1012

Best Gift For: Dads everywhere.
Impress With: N-ERGY cushioning makes this shoe a fluffy and comfortable trainer option, made with versatility in mind to work for any activity you have in mind. Plus, this is the universal look a father seeks in a sneaker.
Holiday Colorways: White / Grey / Navy, Black



No. 10 - New Balance 871

Best Gift For: Your friend who seems to have developed an Eminem-like addiction to the gym.
Impress With: The outsole is designed to provide traction both indoors and outdoors, which means no more carrying an extra pair in your bag.
Holiday Colorways: White / Blue / Grey, Black / Red / Grey, Grey / Yellow, White / Silver / Black



No. 9 - New Balance 2040

Best Gift For: Your next door neighbor who is known for hitting the pavement for an evening jog.
Impress With: Its the ultimate in comfort and fit, making running just a little more pleasurable. I mean look at that shoe, that is a classically comfy silo.
Holiday Colorways: Grey / Blue / Silver



No. 8 - New Balance 110 Boot

Best Gift For: The serious runner in your family. Rain or shine if they are on the grind, equip them with these.
Impress With: Water resistant upper, internal shank, and innovative design made this the TrailRunner Editor's Choice winner for "Best Minimalist".
Holiday Colorways: Black / Red, Blue / Black



No. 7 - New Balance 990

Best Gift For: Your college English professor who wears boating headwear and brings a guitar to work everyday.
Impress With: Simply put, it's the classic New Balance sneaker design, upgraded with modern technologies to keep you looking and feeling fresh during the daily grind.
Holiday Colorways: Grey / White, Black / Grey / White, Navy / Grey / White



No. 6 - New Balance 587

Best Gift For: Your cousin that is less than coordinated.
Impress With: The 587 optimizes stability and foot cushioning through their ROLLBAR and ABZORB technologies, so you can carelessly run the field without a worry in the world.
Holiday Colorways: Navy



No. 5 - Minimus Zero

Best Gift For: Your trendy brother-in-law that sped from Shape-Ups to Vibrams before you could say "Go." Help him transcend trends with these.
Impress With: Keeps the barefoot runner in mind for road races. The Minimus will be appreciated by any athlete that knows his two cents about running sneakers.
Holiday Colorways: White / Orange / Surf the Web, Blue / Silver, Fluorescent Lime / Black, Juniper / Yellow, Red / Black



No. 4 - New Balance 1521

Best Gift For: Friends who can't stand being cooped up indoors, even in the midst of a blizzard. 
Impress With: GORE-TEX keeps feet dry while the gusseted tongue keeps debris out, and the Vibram outsole provides unparalleled traction.
Holiday Colorways: Black / Red



No. 3 - New Balance 1099

Best Gift For: Any of your friends or relatives in the North East -- it's looking like a cold winter.
Impress With: Waterproof upper, Vibram Ice Trek outsole, gusseted tongue, and a seamless upper mean that this boot is ready for the long haul. Strap 'em up!
Holiday Colorways: Grey, Black / Green


No. 2 - Minimus 1010 Trail

Best Gift For: The serious runner in your circle. Upgrade their game this Holiday with these.
Impress With: ROCK STOP protection keeps feet safe, while the lightweight, minimal fit makes these a great runner.
Holiday Colorways: Red / Black, Grey / Yellow, Grey / Blue



No. 1 - New Balance 673

Best Gift For: Thrill Seekers.
Impress With: GORE-TEX Performance Comfort Footwear liner ABZORB cushioning make this one of the most comfortable hiking boots on the market.
Holiday Colorways: Black / Blue, Brown / Blue / Orange, Brown / Red


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