No, these aren’t the newest ballet flats on the market. Rather, believe it or not, the Iguaneye Freshoe is the latest innovation in the minimalist running game.

While larger footwear brands have the tendency to remove bits and pieces of a sneaker in order to label it as a minimalist shoe, this Kickstarter project from French brand Iguaneye is taking it to an entirely new level with a shoe that is virtually just a piece of thin rubber material, without an actual upper, molded to the shape of the bottom of the foot.  Though the shoe may not look like, well, a shoe at first, at a closer glance you’ll notice all the makings of a running sneaker. The Freshoe features a seamless, ergonomic design that carries a high traction profile, grip, weather resistance, toe protection, and believe it or not, cushioning too.

To put it straight forward, we won’t buy into the hype just yet—not until we personally see them in action. Though, with that said, we definitely commend the brand for going above and beyond in the name of innovation.

Want to see the Freshoe hit the shelves? Then support the cause at Kickstarter.

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