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No. 10 - Brooks Ghost 5
Weight: 10.9 ounces
The Ghost 5 plays a disappearing act for foot-related pain. At almost 11 ounces, this kick will anchor speed down a bit, but supplies a comfortable ride for runners that seek an extremely reliable sneaker for a safe run. Also popular amongst walkers, this shoe will last for a handful of marathons.
No. 9 - Nike Lunar Glide 4
Weight: 9.3 oz
Responsive, well-crafted and set to last up to 500 miles, the Lunar Glide 3 is lighter last year's model with a mixed response from the running community. Comfortable from first step, a good candidate for your running rotation.

No. 8 - New Balance M890v2
Weight: 9 oz
Plenty of cushion, a runner can appreciate having a fast but well-cushioned sneaker. This shoe is distinct from the rest on this list due to the fact that it is so gosh-darn comfortable. Sometimes the "comfort" factor is so pleasing it cancels out all other elements to the shoe, but not with the M890v2. This pillowy pair is anything but soft on the road however, offering a good amount of return from the ground.

No. 7 -  Mizuno Wave Rider 16
Weight: 10 oz
Runners tend to trust the Wave Rider series with good reason, the sense of security and rhythm they provide could go for hundreds of miles. Your feet will be cradled with Wave technology, the ability to propel feet forward more efficiently no matter how they strike the ground. The Wave Rider protects at a mere 10 ounces, which explains the massive popularity behind this series.
No. 6 - Saucony Triumph 10
Weight: 10.2 oz

The Triumph 10 is worth investigating even if runners aren't familiar with this popular series. This kicks shares similar features to the lightweight Kinvara series, with a sleek look and the outsole grips but with added support. Also, if you love a larger toe box you will love the 10.
No. 5 - Brooks Glycerin 10
Weight: 12.5 oz
Super long lasting, the Glycerin series has guided many a pair of feet to secure Marathon completions. This shoe is certainly heavy enough to qualify for the following list, but this shoe has a wonderful feel that runners of all mechanics will appreciate and cruise to the finish line. This bad boy needs some quality walking time to break in.
No. 4 - Nike Pegasus+ 29
Weight: 10.2 ounces
Very popular for it's cushion, the Pegasus is for runners that want cushion and security while almost running in a racer, but not quite. Very sturdy under pressure and is durable, the Pegasus also makes for a competent walking shoe. Be reminded however, this is not a racer!

No. 3 - Asics Gel Kayano 19
Weight: 11.3 oz
Comfortable from miles 1 to 26.2, the Gel Kayano series can be identified as one of the most popular Marathon shoes. The release of the next incarnation usually looks more appealing than that of the previous year, which is saying plenty considering how much of a visually apealing shoe the Kayano is. Runners love to show off their Kayano, on and off the roads. On the road, the shoe lives up to it's popularity with award winning comfort and stability for all runners.
No. 2 - adidas adizero Boston 3
Weight: 9.3 oz
A fan favorite, the Boston 3 is highly stylish and looks great with jeans no matter which color is selected. The 3 stripes and others classify it near the par of the Adios 2. On the side is crafted with the primary color highlighted, a lovely touch. This characteristic, and similar mesh upper along with the reliable Continental rubber ensure an amazingly smooth ride. There is even a reflective strip on the tip of the shoe to remain visible, not that the shoe isn't easy to spot from the get go.
No. 1 - Mizuno Wave Creation 13
Weight: 12.3 oz
The experience of riding a roller coaster has all the thrills imaginable under the sun. Getting rocked in a cradle is the experience on the other end o the spectrum, lulling one to sleep. When cruising on a Wave Creation 13, your feet will experience the latter. The Creation sheds about half an ounce from it's previous version. The plate towards the heel absorbs much of the impact that a runner endures, this is the main function of this pair. This shoe is a must if heel striking is leading to leg strains and a marathon is on the horizon.