As an avid runner, you know that one of the least attractive looks is the “after getting run over by a car” look. Odds are if you are running at night, you are rocking reflective gear. But, let’s be honest with ourselves, you aren’t going to be wearing your reflective gear out to the club with your girl or to the bar to pick up a luck lady for a different kind of workout. What is a fashion forward athlete to do if they are trying to look good and not die at the same time? Well, at Sneaker Report, we have taken the time to REFLECT on the subject (see what we did there?), so you don’t have to. We're here to give you the tips you need to look good without getting yourself run the hell over with 10 Socially Acceptable Ways to Rock Reflective Gear.

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No. 10 - Nike Flash Men's Running Vest

Visibility: Medium

How to Pull it Off: Nike has always been good at finding the intersection between fashion and athletics, and even though sports vests aren't exactly the height of style, they have managed to do the same here. They even made the vest reversible, in case you are running in broad day light and the only thing that you want shining is your smile. We know $250 for a vest feels like a price a man should only have to pay on his wedding day, but ladies never like a man who is too tight with his cash.


No. 9 - Brooks Running Nighttime Essential Run Jacket II

Visibility: High

How to Pull It Off: Let’s say your reflective needs are high and your fashion needs are ... not so high. Maybe you want to trade in the slick Nike jacket for this Brooks piece. Now that you've traded in your classy black for a loud yellow, what are you going to do? Find some neon yellow or neon green pants to go with it. Then you’ll look like a member of an 80s hip-hop group rather than just a dude in a bright jacket … Easy. If they ask you to rap, just say you were the DJ.



No. 8 - Brooks Infiniti Beanie

Visibility: Medium

How to Pull it Off: We know how the cool kids are wearing beanies these days. Buy one of these a few sizes too big, slouch that bad boy back on your head and watch as hipster girls start to take note. If you do follow this advice, also make sure that you can still be seen by oncoming traffic. Function over form, my stylish friend, function over form.


No. 7 - Saucony Men’s Guide 6

Visibility: Low

How to Pull it Off: They’re just shoes, bro. NFL Players wear pink shoes for an entire month and they still can’t keep the ladies away. While you may not have millions of dollars or be able bench press half a ton like them, you can still use these brightly colored shoes to your advantage. Ladies love a man who can match. So when you are wearing that lime green reflective shirt you can be like, “Oh, yeah, did you notice my shoes?” Before you know it, she’s going to want to see if your bedsheets match your shoes too. Trust.


No. 6 - Vedante Super Reflective Pop Bands

Visibility: Low

How to Pull It Off: You may not see dudes wearing bracelets very often, but when they do, they are wearing like six at a time, and women are usually talking to them. Lucky for you, there are six different colors of reflective bracelets over at Vedante for you to choose from. Buy all six, wear two at a time, mix and match them, go crazy. They come in sustainable packaging anyway, so no matter how many you buy, you can keep a low environmental impact. We don't need to tell you that being eco-conscious is sexy.


No. 5 - Saucony Men’s NMD Jacket

Visibility: Low

How to Pull It Off: This jacket isn’t a reflective as strapping a chain of LEDs to your chest, but it is also more styling. If you are man enough to rock the lime green (or as they call it, “live wire"), cars are going to see you. And, we’re betting that the ladies will too, because nothing is sexier than confidence.


No. 4 - Nathan Reflective Dots and Dashes

Visbility: Medium

How to Pull It Off: Okay, so yeah, if you are just a dude with some random dots on his helmet or his shirt, people aren’t going to give you respect. But, if it’s a pattern or design, you might stop a fashionista right in her tracks. Maybe it's your initials, maybe it's a personal logo, or perhaps just a zany pattern. Own this. Get creative. Maybe you'll attract some artsy girls. Maybe they'll take you back to the crib and paint you or something.


No. 3 - Brooks Nightlife Reflective Vest

Visbility: Medium

How to Pull it Off: It’s right there in the title, gentlemen. Nightlife. Don’t just wear this thing out running, pop a blazer on over top of it and hit the club. Vests are in right now, right? I know near Sneaker Report’s offices in fashionable NYC, we see dudes sporting these non-stop. And when those dudes in other, non-reflective vests have to chase down the lady of their dreams, they’ll wish they had something this reflective.


No. 2 - Nathan Photon L.E.D. Vest

Visibility: High

How to Pull It Off: Let's keep the vest love going. In fashion, as in life, less is more. If you are a lady, this is easy pull off with a tank or sports bra underneath, basically it’s like a bandeau and tanktop combo. Guess what? For you gentlemen out there, same deal. If you are ripped, toss this over your a tank top and when people say that you look like a construction worker, tell them “no bra, I’m working for the gun show." and then flex mercilessly.


No. 1- 2XU Lightweight Reflective Vest

Visibility: High

How to Pull it Off: Once again, leave as little as possible to the imagination. If it’s warm, just wear the vest (and shorts, of course, you pervert). Oncoming drivers will notice your dope reflectiveness. Oncoming ladies will notice your sexy, yet sensitive tattoos as well as your shoulder muscles bulging out of your best vest. If you aren't so muscular, just buy a smaller size. By time they notice that their eyes have been deceived, you'll have run out of sight and into their dreams.


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