Year Released: 1975

By 1985, the All Court Canvas was the Yugo of tennis shoes. In 1975, I am sure these shoes meant something among the the Chuck and Pro Keds dudes, but in 1975 I didn't know which one was Ert and which one was Bernie, and the Count scared the shit out of me. By 1985, the average price of a tennis shoe was $35. The All Court Canvas was $15.95. There is no doubt that there was a place for this shoe in the market, but there was no place for it in my closet. Every company had one of these. Adidas had the Nizza; Puma had the Ibiza. Domino's had the basic cheese pizza. The All Court is on this list for two reasons. First off, everyone needs shoes. If all you had in your pocket in 1985 was $15.95, and you chose All Courts over some Fayvas, then that's a good thing. Also, the colorway-- kind of an electric blue on white-- and the tongue logo-- black NIKE logo with orange swoosh, was very iconic. If a psychiatrist showed me those three colors next to each other on Pantone chips and asked me how I felt, I'd tell her I feel like I'm in Beaverton in 1979.