Year Released: 2009


"The Livestrong x Mr Cartoon AF1 is the most prized AF1 in my collection. I'm a professional artist who respects the OGs and I've been a fan of Cartoon's work for at least 2 decades. I saw him a few months ago doing a piece live inside Millennium Shoes in Inglewood, CA. I wanted to bring my entire Cartoon AF1 collection for him to sign, but i decided to bring the one that was the freshest to me: This LIVESTRONG collab.
I brought this shoe in the box and presented it to Cartoon to sign and he said to me, 'you brought that real shit, huh?' I said, 'yesszir' ...And he proceeded to effortlessly sign the inside of my LIVESTRONG box with a Sharpie in his patented style. A day i will never forget. Salute to Mr. Cartoon...I hope to be on his level one day bridging the gap between street art and corporate commerce."  - @SneadsByRee