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The New York Knicks will be wearing a slightly redesigned uniform this season.

The new look features a narrower trim and an overall cleaner look. But there's one aspect of Spike Lee's favorite team that has remained the same for over two decades; the logo. Michael Doret, the creator of the design, recently spoke with Posting and Toasting about the creation of the historic NBA insignia. The inclusion of the Empire State Building on a few of the designs is a really nice touch, although it was removed from the version of the logo we know today. Included in the group of early sketches are a collection of interesting monogram logos.

"I had pretty much taken many of my design cues from their old Knicks logo," says Doret. "I know they're telling me to shoot for the moon on this, but I know that the way these things work—they'll get scared and won't want to make a big change. So, I gave them that one as a sketch, which was kind of like an updated, contemporized and cleaned up version of the old logo."

What do you think of the Knicks sketches? Would you have liked to have seen one of these logos put to use? Let us know in the comments!

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