Mizuno is a brand every golfer will recognize, and there's a simple reason for that. Dating back to the 1930s, the Japanese brand has been known to make some of the best set of golf clubs, specifically irons, money can buy. Now, it looks like Mizuno is reinforcing its reign as a premiere golf brand with the introduction of four new iron models set release on September 10th. 

Leading the way are are the MP-H4 irons. According to Mizuno, the MP-H4 irons are designed to achieve maximum trajectory to help golfers get the absoute most out of their swing. Next on the list is the MP-64. Nicknamed the "Luke Donald iron," the set is designed specifically for the second-ranked golfer in the world. The clubs provide enhanced accuracy and control, making them perfect for golfers looking for an advantage. The other two series of irons, the JPX-825 and JPX-825 Pro, are designed for golfers of all levels. Both sets feature enlarged sweet spots to get more distance out of a swing. The four sets will range from $699-$1,099.


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