With the UEFA Champions League kicking off yesterday, it's almost impossible to contain the excitement of the thought of watching some of the best soccer stars in the world take to one of the biggest stages in the sport (and yes, for the international viewers, we're well aware that the sport is more widely referred to as football).

Through the years, the 'most beautiful sport in the world' has attracted all sorts of fans, including some that you may be familiar with in popular culture. Whether it's because of the sport itself, or because of its global appeal, some of the most well-known celebrities have adopted soccer as more than just a hobby, but rather a passionate affair that extends beyond the realm of normal fan hood. The following list of 25 celebrities may surprise you, but make no mistake about it—these folks love their soccer.

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Drew Carey

Favorite Club: Seattle Sounders FC

The Price is Right host has been known to indulge in numerous different sports, but especially soccer. Aside from being a devoted fan to all Cleveland-based sports teams, Carey has been seen at a couple of FIFA World Cups, and is even a minority owner of the Seattle Sounders of the MLS.

Alyssa Milano

Favorite Club: Inter Milan

Inter Milan has a large following amongst the soccer community, and among them is actress-turned-designer Alyssa Milano. While her female sports apparel line has partnered with virtually every professional sports league, Milano has yet to tap into the soccer market—though given her appreciation for the game, we're sure it wont be long 'til that happens.

Chad 'Ochocinco' Johnson

Favorite Club: Sporting Kansas City

Johnson is such a big fan of futbol that he even tried to play professionally during the 2011 NFL lockout. But after failing to make the roster of the Sporting Kansas City MLS team, Johnson returned his focus back on the American game. Ironically, the Pro Bowl wide receiver recently got cut from his NFL team as well. Maybe he'll try his hand at baseball next.

Kobe Bryant

Favorite Club: FC Barcelona

Had Kobe remained in Italy as a teen instead of moving back to the States, there's a good chance he'd be mastering his footwork on the soccer pitch rather than his jumper on the hardwood. Over the years, the NBA superstar has supported a handful of European clubs, including A.C. Milan and FC Barcelona.

Bob Marley

Favorite Club: Brazil National Team

“Football is a whole skill to itself. A whole world. A whole universe to itself. Me love it because you have to be skillful to play it! Freedom! Football is freedom." - Bob Marley (enough said).

Mike Tyson

Favorite Club: Argentina National Team

Surprisingly enough, Mike Tyson loves his soccer. Last year, the former undisputed heavyweight boxing champion sent a pair of signed boxing gloves to soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, and has been seen in many different soccer jerseys, including the Peterboroug United F.C. one seen above.


Favorite Club: FC Barcelona

Singer Shakira loves soccer so much that she decided to make it part of her everyday life by dating Spanish soccer player Gerard Pique. She even made an appearance at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

Rafael Nadal

Favorite Club: Real Madrid

While Rafa played a large part in saving his hometown Mallorca football club from going bankrupt, the world-class tennis star is actually a proud supporter of another Spanish team, Real Madrid. Earlier this year, Nadal faced off in a impromptu head-to-head soccer/tennis match against Cristiano Ronaldo, as part of a commercial for Nike.

President Barack Obama

Favorite Club: West Ham

While President Obama is all about basketball first and foremost, he is also known as an avid soccer dad around the White House confines. Obama has professed his passion for soccer many times, even going as far as comparing himself to superstar player Lionel Messi.

Jon Stewart

Favorite Club: William & Mary

Jon Stewart may not look like much of an athlete these days, but the popular television personality was a member of his collegiate soccer team at William & Mary.

LeBron James

Favorite Club: Liverpool FC

LeBron showed his love for soccer last year when he purchased a piece of one of England's most storied soccer clubs, Liverpool FC. Since then, King James has made a few visits to historic Anfield Stadium to watch his team in action.

Russell Brand

Favorite Club: West Ham

British actor Russell Brand is a known West Ham fan, and he even converted his former girlfriend Katy Perry to a fan before the couple parted ways. More recently, there have been rumors of Brand starring in a kids-themed soccer film.

Tom Hanks

Favorite Club: Aston Villa

If you couldn't tell from the picture above, Tom Hanks is a proud supporter of the Aston Villa football club. While he's been a fan for over a decade, the Oscar-winner hadn't seen his favorite team in live action until earlier this year, when Aston Villa faced off against the Portland Timbers.

Usain Bolt

Favorite Club: Manchester United

After Bolt made his love for soccer public, none other than Manchester United decided to give the Olympic sprinter a chance at making the team's roster. We're certainly anxious to see how that journey fares for Bolt.

Will Ferrell

Favorite Club: Los Angeles Galaxy

Aside from starring in the soccer-themed comedy 'Kicking & Screaming,' Will Ferrell took part in a celebrity charity match in Manchester, England earlier this year. Unfortunately things didn't work out too well for Ferrell, as he suffered an apparent leg injury during the action.

Spike Lee

Favorite Club: Arsenal

We all know Spike as the animated basketball fan, but the Emmy Award-winning director has also been known to delve into the world of soccer. Lee has been known to support Arsenal and Inter Milan.

Ziggy Marley

Favorite Club: Jamaica

You know the saying—the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Like his legendary father, Ziggy Marley has been known to indulge in the beautiful game of soccer as well. In fact, as the story goes, Ziggy was given his name by his father based on his elusive soccer skills.

Tom Cruise

Favorite Club: Real Madrid

Aside from playing the sport as a youngster, Tom Cruise has been known to kick the soccer ball around on movie sets, including a round of kick-back with Cameron Diaz while filming the movie 'Knight and Day.'

Michael Jackson

Favorite Club: Fulham

According to Mohammed Al Fayed, the club's chairman, Michael Jackson was a huge fan of Fulham soccer. Even though Jackson had been known to only attend one or two Fulham matches, Fayed made the unpopular decision to erect a statue of the late icon in front of the team's stadium.

Britney Spears

Favorite Club: L.A. Galaxy

While Britney Spears is a self-proclaimed soccer fan (believe it or not), she has admitted her lack of skills on the pitch. So it was only fitting that, after filming a soccer-themed Pepsi commercial with David Beckham, Spears begged the L.A. Galaxy star for lessons. But of course, in this case, we don't think any amount of lessons will turn the singer into a respectable soccer player.

Samuel L. Jackson

Favorite Club: Liverpool

When the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team won the 2012 Olympic title in London, there were few that were more proud of the ladies than Jackson. In addition, the sensational actor is a fan of LeBron's Liverpool team.

Snoop Dogg/Lion

Favorite Club: Manchester United

Whether he goes by Dogg or Lion, there's one thing for sure, Snoop enjoys his soccer. The West Coast rapper has been seen in many different club jerseys, including Barcelona and Manchester United. Snoop will even be featured on the upcoming FIFA Soccer 13 video game. Above, you'll see a picture of Snoop and his two sons with soccer star David Beckham.

Sylvester Stallone

Favorite Club: Everton FC

After squaring off against legendary soccer players like Pele during the filming of the 1980s film 'Escape to Victory,' Stallone has fallen in love with the sport. The actor certainly has a soft spot for soccer, particularly the Everton football club.

Steve Nash

Favorite Club: Tottenham Hotspur FC

NBA star Steve Nash is a devoted footballer in the offseason. After failing to buy a minority stake in his favorite club, Nash became co-owner of the Vancouver Whitecaps and helped his hometown team join the MLS in 2011. If you've ever seen Nash on the hardwood, chances are you've seen him kicking around a basketball from time to time.

Elton John

Favorite Club: Watford Football Club

Sir Elton John is perhaps the biggest fan of soccer on this list. The legendary rocker's love for the sport dates back to the '70s, when he became chairman and director of Watford Football Club in England. He has been spotted with some of the best soccer players in history, including Pele (seen above).