The concept of the Nike Shox BB4 sneaker was one that initially surfaced in the 1980s. However it wasn’t until the new millennium, thanks to progressive technology, that the concept became a reality.

Designer Eric Avar took an intergalactic approach to the shoe, inside and out.  Based on a space age concept, Avar and his Nike design team researched astronaut apparel and pulled out elements they could incorporate into the BB4. As a result the upper took on the look of space suits of the time, while the columns (Shox) on the sole were meant to mimic the rocket boosters on a rocket.

While the design of the shoe needed no help catching people’s eyes, the performance element of the shoe wasn’t fully appreciated until Vince Carter’s iconic dunk over 7-footer Frederic Weis at the 2000 Olympics, in a pair of Nike Shox. After seeing such a spectacular play, the people were convinced with the BB4.

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