Nike strives for more than just performance excellence. The Swoosh, along with it's revolutionary performance innovations, it is pushing the creative envelope by putting an impressive amount of emphasis on making its products sustainable for the environment.

Case and point, Kenyan World Champion runner Abel Kirui's uniform for the Olympic marathon. When Kurui steps up to the starting line of the marathon race in London on Sunday, he will do so in Nike a singlet made from recycled plastic bottles. Just like it's done for all of the Track and Field uniforms for the 2012 Olympics, Nike used the same creative technique of spinning a special thread out of ground plastic to make a stunning piece of performance wear that is as environmentally friendly as it is functional.

To further push the bounds of sustainable innovation, the sleek Dri-FIT singlet features Kenyan colors that have been added using a high-tech water-free dye process. As a result of a partnership between Nike and Netherlands-based company DyeCoo, the new-age waterless dye process has the potential to eliminate the 2.4 trillion gallons of water used by the synthetic textile dyeing industry each year.

Along with the Nike singlet, Kiuri will run in the Nike Flyknit Racers on Sunday.

Check back to see how Kiuri performs at the Olympic marathon.


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