Is this not what you have been waiting for? Last night Complex hit you with what was the clearest look of the Nike Yeezy 2 but this morning we get even more detailed shots of the most hyped shoe since — well the Nike Air Yeezy. With these more detailed shots of the Yeezy 2, it does appear to be a transformation from the original Yeezys with a very similar build and even the black/pink colorway. The standout differences are the ridged heel, the steps on the forefront, and possibly a little borrowed Don C. snakeskin around the ankle piece. As for the logo on the tongue we’re not pushing the Illumanati conspiracy theory but it does appear to be something like a triangle with a circle in the middle. Over the past 24 hours it seems like peoples minds have changed from the 2s being “eh” to a must-have. What do you think — 1s or 2s? Let us know in the comment section and as always, Complex will keep you updated with more information as it comes.

[via DJ Proto J on Nike Talk]