Our first Twit-Kicks All-Star, Andy Oliver, is also one of the biggest sneaker bargain-hunters on the net. In his weekly column, Andy helps save you money on sneakers everyone else is paying a grip for.

Andy says: “Earlier today, we started to see leaked pics of the latest Jun Takahashi Undercover Nike collab on the Lunarspider LT+. Definitely a good look, but they aren't even the best makeup available on that model. Even if you're camo'd out, it's hard to deny this week's deal. At only $55 (when you subtract the 17.5% VAT tax for International orders), both the white and grey makeups are worth a look. Sure, you'll have to tack on shipping…but a price like this on a Tier Zero release cancels it out. If you're looking to mix a more technical runner into your rotation, these are a great option.”