Our first Twit-Kicks All-Star, Andy Oliver, is also one of the biggest sneaker bargain-hunters on the net. In his weekly column, Andy helps save you money on sneakers everyone else is paying a grip for.

Andy says:"Everyone's got a few pairs of beaters in their collection. If you actually wear your sneakers, it's bound to happen. But what about those pairs that you wish never achieved beater status? This week's Sneaker Deal of the Week can help. While technically not a sneaker, The JGoods Sneaker Restoration Kit is more valuable to your collection than any clearance-rack find. This kit has all of the tools needed to revive your busted-up neck-breakers. Brushes, towels, paint, chemicals... it's all there, and the kit even comes with a guide to sneaker care. JGoods is one of the best customizers in the game, so rest assured that this was created by sneakerheads for sneakerheads. Until Oct 12, the restoration kit can be had for just $25. That's 30% off the regular price, so don't sleep!"

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