"The Pro Wing was a sneaker created by Payless. It was a $15 or $20 tennis shoe, and at one point, it was the only kind of shoe my mother could afford, and I dreaded wearing it because it was basically the fake version of what everyone was wearing at the time. But God bless my mom for putting something on my feet back then. I understand it a lot more now than I did then, because I have children who want $100 Jordans, and sometimes I just wish I could buy them a pair of Pro Wings and leave it at that. You want to make sure the kids are focused on the right things. But if you were wearing them back when I went to school, you were a sucker. And I had to bite the bullet on that for a couple of years. But I never gave my mom shit about it. I couldn't stand them, and I hated putting them on, but I didn't want my mom to feel fucked up because she was doing the best she could. And eventually, things turned around, she remarried, and I got back on my feet—my shoe game stepped back up. I definitely had to put these on the list because Pro Wings got just as much time on my feet as any other shoe that I talked about on this list, if not more. And we're not gonna hate on it at all. We're gonna include it all and I mean, it's a time in my memory. I'll never forget the time in my life when I had to wear Pro Wings, and it makes me appreciate Jordans a little bit more."