"Spud Webb is the only person smaller than me that I ever wanted to be. Most people, when they're growing up, they want to be taller and bigger. Spud Webb actually made me want to be smaller and faster. I mean, coming up and watching people dunk, even when you're old, watching people dunk is an incredible physical feat. But you expect a person 6'5" or 6'6" to be good at it. But when a 5-footer comes up, and can command the air like that, I mean, watching Spud Webb slam dunk in slow motion is really unlike anything else you could see. A lot of people wore Ponys back then. Pony was that price-point shoe that everyone could get, and then they started making an effort to go out and compete with the Converses and the Nikes of that time. Y'know, they didn't get a lot of things right, but the City Wing shoe was always a good shoe, and the Spud Webb shoe was great."