"I know it seems strange that this shoe is low down on the list, but by no means is it any worse than others. This was a shoe that was in high demand, and I thought it was incredible that these guys did a Dunk Hi. I think it spoke to an entirely different demographic. And seeing this shoe gave me a little insight as to how Nike thinks. They wanted to do a shoe with somebody, and the fact that they picked the right shoe and the right group says a lot. I think a De La Soul Airforce 1...eh. But this Dunk is crazy. There's two: a high and a low. The low is sick in itself, but I think this high was huge. If I wanted, I could get them signed, and I just haven't really pushed that issue because—I know he wouldn't mind, but I don't like to stand around my homeboys like that. But if you guys are reading this, you guys really did it big with this shoe. I have so much respect for De La Soul as a group. Especially me being a southern lyricist, and being where I'm from, people wouldn't assume I'm a De La junkie. I definitely was, and shout out to De on that. I'm still waiting to see a Q-Tip shoe. I don't know why they haven't done one. The Tribe Jordan was cool, but I'd love to see a Q-Tip Blazer or something like that. He'd give a real interesting take on that shoe."

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