"Mayor killed this. I mean, there's a lot of shoes that we can get into with Nike's Bespokes program. Within that world, there's a lot of Mayor Bespokes we can get into. He killed it, and I don't know what's fresher, the shoe or the name. Just the whole flip on the suede. Me, personally, I was a Quik kid. I was a Nestle Quik kid all day, and I like strawberry over chocolate, so for me, it's a special place in my heart. I'm from that generation. Pop the top, put the spoon in there, and make that shit. So that has a special place in my heart. Besides it just being a clean-ass shoe, I get where it comes from. If there's anybody's shoe that I would want to copy, that would be it. I love originality, and I love shoes that stand on their own, but that shoe there? I'm jockin the Mayor on that shoe."