"Oh yeah, this whole part of the list is getting to the homies, you know what I'm saying. The Black Friday shoe was the first shoe whose design I saw before it was actually made. I was actually able to comment on the shoe. Nothing was changed based on what I said, but just the fact that someone let me into the process, and let me see a little bit more behind the scenes of what's going on, and how they were getting prepared to market it, and just seeing how much impact Clark Kent really has on the market. A lot of stuff that he does, people don't even really know that he has his hands on it. Now that I know his style, I can kinda look at different stuff and say, 'Clark, did you do this? Did you touch this?' But when this shoe was teased, people were really going ape shit. The elements on this shoe, the materials, the design, the fact that it was so affordable, considering the materials, and then bringing that on a Black Friday when everyone's going shopping anyway... This was a perfect shoe to put on the shelf to clear them out. I gave this shoe to my nephew, and he cut grass in them. So he doesn't get anything else from me but advice."