"Man, that was a great shoe. Definitely opened a lot of doors for a lot of people. I don't know how long Mark Ronson had been talking to Gucci about doing that thing, but when things like this happen, they generate a lot of cash. Obviously, other people are gonna follow suit, but I think they did a really good job on the colorway and the materials on these shoes. And the Jasper model was probably the most coveted out of all of them. Don't get me wrong, the red low—everyone wanted the red low—but then once you started getting them and putting them on, and seeing how they sat, a lot of people went crazy for the Jaspers. And at this point, it's probably one of the most copied styles. There's a lot of brands coming up right now using that model as a base to try and break into the market. Obviously the price point between that and a regular sneaker is massive. I think these shoes were starting at $800 or something, so it wasn't a shoe that everybody could get. But once again, I think Kanye did a great job of getting the shoe out there and starting a buzz, and like I said, the Jasper model was the one for me. Shout out to Iben on that shoe."