Can't stop, won't stop. The inauguration machine continues, with Ron English's Obama x Lincoln Billboard in Los Angeles. Peep pics of how it came about. [JetsetGraffiti]

Bow Wow has teamed up with Stephon Marbury to design a new line of affordable apparel under Marbury's "Starbury" imprint. We're guessing t-shirts and hoodies splashed with FRESH AZIMIZ on them. [Sohh]

Everyone's favorite indie Swedish singer Lykke Li covers Paul Blart's Rick Ross's "Hustlin" in this video you should definitely watch. Style and design? No, but eff it. [Prefix]

Ask anyone who really thinks their cool and they'll tell you Common Projects is what's up. Check out the brand's Spring/Summer 2009 collection. [HighSnobiety]

We've called around NYC to find out who's stocking these Nike Free Hybrid Boots, and it seems that Niketown got first dibs on them. Get 'em there for $160 if you're feeling them. [Marcus Troy]