Batman v Superman and Justice League director Zack Snyder has offered his thoughts on Batman performing oral sex on Catwoman after it was reported such a scene was cut from HBO Max’s animated Harley Quinn series.

In a recent interview with the team behind the adult animated show, co-creator Justin Halpern said DC told them “you can’t do that” after they wrote a scene of Batman going down on Catwoman. “They’re like, ‘Heroes don’t do that,’” explained Halpern. “So, we said, ‘Are you saying heroes are just selfish lovers?’ They were like, ‘No, it’s that we sell consumer toys for heroes. It’s hard to sell a toy if Batman is also going down on someone.’”

Now Zack Snyder, who just recently released Army of the Dead and has worked extensively on DC projects, appears to disagree with DC on Batman’s stance on cunnilingus. In a simple tweet that’s already accumulated over 260k likes, Snyder shared a NSFW depiction of Batman going down on Catwoman. “Canon,” he wrote alongside the image, indicating he’s totally down to see Batman’s cowl between Catwoman’s legs.

Snyder currently doesn’t have any further DC projects lined up, but he did finally get to release his four-hour cut of Justice League earlier this year. Whether he has enough influence to turn the caped crusader into a seasoned cunnilingus enthusiast remains to be seen, but Snyder has spoken and he doesn’t think Batman is a selfish lover, either.