For years, the Academy Award for Best Actor eluded Denzel Washington. He received a Supporting Actor Academy Award for his phenomenal work in 1989’s Glory, but then he lost in the Best Actor category twice—once for playing Malcolm X in the 1993 Spike Lee joint of the same name, and again for the lead role in The Hurricane (2000).

But in 2002, Washington received a Best Actor Oscar for playing Detective Sergeant Alonzo Harris in Antoine Fuqua’s 2001 crime drama Training Day. Washington makes an amoral, duplicitous villain so charismatic and likable, and Ethan Hawke, playing the naive rookie trainee who’s in way in over his head, is the perfect foil.

How many acts of evil are too many? How far can you go before the ends no longer justify the means?  Between the moral choices, the celebrity cameos, the slick one-liners, and the cinematography—which makes LA appear perpetually ablaze—this movie still holds up, two decades after its release. Here are 19 trivia facts and Easter Eggs for the next time you watch Training Day, which is now streaming on Netflix.