The launch of YouTube Red in late 2015 may seem confusing, and not just because it sounds a little bit too much like a certain porn site. Since YouTube promises to keep its original video streaming services free, the only reason to pay for the website would be if the premium service dangled some serious perks in your face. The reality is the likelihood that you’ll be tempted by the perks depends a lot on how you use YouTube. For $10 a month, YouTube Red’s most appealing offer is that it provides an ad-free experience for its viewers, and that means no annoying commercials before or during videos as well no banner ads throughout the website. You can save videos to watch offline, as well as play videos in the background while on mobile. You also receive a free Google Play subscription, which is worth $10 a month on its own.

But for digital pop culture junkies, there is one aspect of YouTube Red that might really tip the scale, and that is YouTube original content. Attempting to further cash in on its array of content makers who have become stars in their own right through their success on the platform, YouTube will fund original TV series and movies starring everyone’s favorite YouTubers. These shows and movies vary wildly in terms of success; throwing money at vloggers and content creators and giving them free range to act in creations of their choosing isn’t necessarily a recipe for success. But the high level of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking these YouTubers are known for often results in entertaining content, even if they probably won’t win any awards anytime soon.

When it comes to the movies on YouTube Red, there is still a relatively small number of originals, but the genres range from silly Christmas movies starring music producer extraordinaire DJ Khaled to serious documentaries with Academy Award-winning directors. Even if YouTube Red is making quiet moves in the digital content space for now, they have all the resources in place to make a serious splash in the streaming world. So, in an attempt to give you a headstart, here are the best YouTube Red movies you can currently stream.