Remember piling into your mom’s car on a Friday night, driving to Blockbuster, and browsing the aisles for ages to find (and agree upon) what film to rent for movie night? Those were the days. Even though video and DVD rental stores are a thing of the past and streaming with sites like Netflix is the future of media, there’s still a way to capture that feeling of renting movies: by going to Redbox.

We get that you can easily access movies on tons of platforms. But what if you miss the action of physically going somewhere to pick out a movie? What if you don’t want to wait 3-5 days for a DVD to come in the mail? What if you don’t want to actually download and own the movie, you just want to watch it once? What if your internet connection is down? What if you want to pick up some snacks while you’re at it? These things happen! Streaming and DVD services are great, but we like the spontaneous, no-strings-attached aspect of renting, too.

Redbox scratches an itch we didn’t realize we had. It reminds us of the good ol’ days of renting movies. (Except it’s better, because this time, we don’t have to remember to rewind them.) It combines the best of both worlds: Renting a movie induces nostalgia, but it’s accomplished using modern-day technology. Best of all, it’s insanely cheap. You can rent a movie from Redbox for just a few bucks—seriously, and show it on your TV or computer. And if you sign up to receive Redbox emails, they send promo codes for free rentals all the time.

There are some seriously good titles at Redbox right now, across every movie genre. There are Academy Award and Golden Globe nominees and winners. There are movies you wanted to see but never got around to. There are films that made you say, I’ll just wait until it comes out on DVD. Well, that time has come. These are the best movies to rent at Redbox right now.