Year: 1995
Publisher: Square

Fact, Chrono Trigger gets put on a lot of “Best RPGs for the SNES” lists. But we’re going to go one step further and say that not only is it the best RPG for the SNES, but it’s also the best game for the system, period. Why, you ask? (And you obviously haven’t played the game if you have to ask that question). Well, let’s count the many ways, shall we? 1. The storyline is epic, winding, and beautiful and it’s one of the best in gaming history. 2. There are multiple endings, so the replay value for this game is ridonkulously high. 3. The battle system is one of the best we’ve ever encountered (Co-op attacks are amazing). 4. The soundtrack is the best ever (We know we said Super Castlevania IV before, but we lied). 5. The characters are so damn memorable. The truth is, there are many, many, MANY reasons why this is the greatest SNES game ever (We’re on the verge of calling it the greatest GAME ever, but we’ll hold our tongues), and it just can’t be matched, not even by A Link to the Past. Chrono Trigger, we heart you SO much. Please come back to us. Please.