Swizz Beatz’s son Nasir Dean is set to make his feature film debut, landing himself a starring role in coming-of-age film Charge It To The Game.

TMZ reports that Dean will portray a character named Preach in the film, which has yet to release a trailer or get a release date. One of the four best friends central to the story of the film, his role as Preach will mark a big step in his acting career. He’s previously dabbled in acting before, starring in a music video for Common’s “Hercules” in 2019 alongside his father. After that role, he reportedly got offered roles from producers and filmmakers, but he decided to divert his attention to his music career.

“The relationship between Preach and his long-time girlfriend Shureka, a truly spoiled brat with ADHD, is finally beginning to crack at the seams, while the romance between Grey Dogg and his forbidden love Jordan is blossoming," reads the plot synopsis on the Charge It To The Game website. "As the trio navigates the current obstacles of the day, such as social injustice, peer pressure, decisions about higher education and family dysfunction, the untimely death of newfound friend Junkyard unites the trio in undertaking the most challenging feat possible – breaking the mysterious Lone Wolf’s record for the greatest number of high-fashion rims ever stolen in a single night."

Last year, he dropped an EP through Epic Records, and he’s gearing up to release a follow-up to that project later this year. His manager and attorney Nichole Levy added that Dean has been taking his acting more seriously as of late, and he even auditioned for a role in the second season of Euphoria. While he didn’t land it, Charge It To The Game came up not too long after. 

Filming for the project is set to begin later this month in Atlanta.