Super Nintendo World, the immersive theme park that allows visitors to play some of their favorite video games in real life, will be opening at Universal Studios Hollywood in 2023.

With its first location having opened in Universal Studios Japan in March 2021, this latest iteration will mark the only Super Nintendo World in the United States. The official announcement of the park also described it as a “visual spectacle” with “vibrant colors and architectural ingenuity.”

“The immersive land will be a visual spectacle of vibrant colors and architectural ingenuity located within a newly expanded area of the theme park, featuring a groundbreaking ride and interactive areas, to be enjoyed by the whole family,” the press release adds. “Themed shopping and dining will enhance the entire experience”

While Super Nintendo World technically can cover all Nintendo properties, the parks have focused on Mario games and their many characters. From being able to play real-life Mario Kart to playing live-action Mario video game courses, there appears to be something for everyone.

Despite the pandemic making it much more difficult for people to gather in large crowds, Super Nintendo World Japan was still able to open with great success, albeit with stricter health and safety guidelines to ensure social distancing. There is also a Super Nintendo World under construction in Universal Studio Orlando, which was originally supposed to open before its Hollywood counterpart.