Streaming platform Shudder has unveiled the first trailer for its Black horror anthology Horror Noire, a follow-up to the documentary of the same name.

Horror Noire, which will feature six stories written and directed by Black artists, is set to premiere on Shudder on Oct. 28 with a TV debut to follow sometime in the future. Among the cast is Lesley-Ann Brandt of Lucifer fame, Luke James of The Chi, and Erica Ash. Horror icons Rachel True, best known for The Craft, and Candyman himself Tony Todd are also expected to appear.

The stories, per the Hollywood Reporter, are entitled DaddyBride Before YouBrand of EvilThe LakeSundown, and Fugue State. Some of the parts of the film are original stories, while others are adaptations.

Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror is a documentary directed by Xavier Burgin, and co-written/produced by Ashlee Blackwell and Danielle Burrows. Featuring interviews with the likes of Keith David, Jordan Peele, Ernest Dickerson, and Tony Todd, among others, the 2019 documentary offered an extensive look at Black characters and creatives in horror from The Night of the Living Dead all the way up to Get Out. It even includes an interview with Friday the 13th actor Miguel A. Núñez Jr., aka the guy who iconically exclaimed “It’s them damn enchiladas!” 

Watch the trailer for Horror Noire above.