Internet headlines are easy to dunk on *gestures up with eyes*. 

In addition to that example, enter a Nicki Swift article with a headline that looks like one of those stories you see on the side of some websites (might even be that, actually). Transcribed for you...even though it’s says “Whatever Happened to the Actor Who Plays Lydia in Mrs. Doubtfire?” One would think it’s probably very bizarre for the actors/celebrities named in these headlines to come across them. On cue, the actress who played said youngster in said ‘90s classic (Lisa Jakub) responded by asking for specifics because that movie’s been out for almost 30 years:

She also followed that up with a tweet thanking those who liked/shared. She said she’s written a book on why she opted to leave acting:

In that film Jakub played Lydia Hillard, opposite her title character dad in drag (the late/great Robin Williams). Alongside her were her siblings (see: above) portrayed by Mara Wilson and Matthew Lawrence. 

Wilson actually responded via Instagram to the same post with the comment saying “Ugh, it’s like when they say someone “turned out well” or “DIDN’T turn out well”. What does that MEAN? Who “turns out” anything?”

Very solid questions. 

Speaking of that Instagram post, Jakub looks to have kind of answered the Nicki Swift line in her bio with the following description: “Book nerd, mental wellness coach, retired actor (Mrs.Doubtfire, Independence Day, bad TV movies)
My books: You Look Like That Girl & Not Just Me[.]” 

Only seems fair to plug her work after we just built a news story around her tweet. Anyway please don’t start looking into old headlines.