September has been a slow month at the box office but don’t expect the same for the rest of the fall months. After a big summer filled with blockbusters, and as temperatures cool down, fans will travel back to Wakanda, catch The Rock join the DC Universe, and finally see why Ana De Armas’ upcoming film received an NC-17 rating. 

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Black Adam, and Blonde are all hitting theaters this fall, along with other projects that are geared to cater to any and every movie lover. The widely talked-about Don’t Worry Darling is also in theaters later this month, while Halloween Ends and Hocus Pocus 2 are arriving just in time for Halloween. 

The time to be outside is behind us, so we have created a movie guide for What to Watch this fall. We have selected the ones we are looking forward to the most, and the ones we think will be worth your while, or at the least the ones you should see because everyone will be talking about them. So which one of these will make our end-of-year Best Movies list? Only time will tell. Check our fall movie preview below and check back in on our new releases column weekly for the latest in movies and TV.