Miles Teller was allegedly punched in the face while he was eating dinner with his wife while on vacation in Hawaii.

According to TMZ, Teller was enjoying a lovely dinner at Monkeypod Kitchen on the island of Maui when he was approached and punched by a man when he left to go to the bathroom. The conflict apparently escalated outside of the bathroom, with Teller screaming that he would press charges. The man who assaulted the actor claimed to be a wedding planner and said that Teller owed him over $60,000 for a Maui-based wedding back in 2019. He reportedly approached Teller demanding he is paid what he deserved.

Teller went on to deny the particulars on Twitter, retweeting a fan who likened the brawl to a WWE match. “I got jumped by two guys in a bathroom,” Teller confirmed, but stipulated he had “never met them before in my life.”

The actor recently made headlines after being tapped to replace Armie Hammer as legendary producer Al Ruddy on the Paramount+ limited series The Offer, which follows Ruddy’s never before told experience creating The Godfather alongside Francis Coppola. Hammer left the starring role in the wake of sexual assault accusations against him, which have since caused him to bow out from a broadway play, a cold-war-based spy thriller, and many other projects.

When not vacationing in Hawaii, Miles Teller has been hard at work lately, and has since made a total 360 after he starred in the atrocious Fantastic Four blunder back in 2015. He recently snagged a co-starring role alongside Chris Hemsworth and Jurnee Smollet in a Netflix original called Spiderhead, and is set to star in the highly anticipated Top Gun sequel. He was also shortlisted to star in a Baz Luhrmann-helmed Elvis biopic