A video from UFC 264 has been making the rounds on the internet, but it doesn’t have much to do with Dustin Poirier or Conor McGregor.

In a clip from over the weekend showing Donald Trump walking past the crowd at the event, Twitter users have spotted Lethal Weapon actor Mel Gibson throwing up a salute to the former president. 

Since the video first started circulating, users have tried to connect the dots as to if it was actually Gibson who put his hand on his forehead as the former commander-in-chief walked by. And after some analysis—basically comparing his outfit in the video to the one that he was spotted walking out of the venue in—they’ve landed on the fact that it seems to be Mel in the clip. 

While Gibson has been at the center of controversies before, his Trump salute is causing a bit of buzz on social media. Some have pulled receipts of his previous views on Trump, while others questioned why he’d offer a military-style salute Trump in the first place. Check out what users had to say below.