Marky Mark is used to getting funky, but a gift he gave to Tom Holland isn’t as funky as what the Spider-Man actor thought it might be. 

In a new clip shared to Instagram Friday, Mark Wahlberg showed off a massage gun that he uses for post-workout recovery. It’s the same one he gave to Tom Holland, too. But as Wahlberg shares, Holland’s initial thought that it was for a different type of massage was totally off base. 

“Mr. Tom Holland, you see this? Power Plate Pulse, this is a massage tool, for muscle recovery, nothing else,” Wahlberg said. 

Holland first admitted that he thought Wahlberg’s gift was a sex toy in a recent interview with Access Hollywood, where he shared that the actor was “kind enough to give me a massage gun after I left his house in L.A. and he drove me back to my hotel.”

“I was confused as to what kind of massage gun this was, having never seen one before, and I thought it was the type of self-pleasure,” he said. “I thought Mark Wahlberg was driving me back to my house for other reasons other than just being a gentleman. I didn’t know you — it’s Hollywood, baby. Who knows what’s gonna happen?”

Wahlberg and Holland both will be appearing in Uncharted, which is being released by Sony Pictures and hitting theaters on Feb 18. Holland stars as Nathan Drake, the treasure hunter whose adventurous story is covered in the Playstation games of the same name.

“I’m familiar with the games, but I think this is going to be a nice segue into Nathan becoming Nathan Drake, which I think it will be really cool for audiences. It’s by far tenfold better than all the other versions of the movie that they were going to make at one point or another, which is why I was willing to come back and jump into that part,” Wahlberg told The Wrap. “Many different filmmakers and versions of the script, and they just knocked it out of the park. When I read it, I was like, ‘oh wow.’”