Sunday is Survivor Series. We were talking about gear. Are you thinking about gear? There’s a lot going on—are you more focused on a) the Team RAW vs. Team SmackDown match or b) figuring out what Becky’s doing? Where’s your head at?
So many things. My gear has not been my main focus at all. Supporting Team Raw, my team. I love my team and even though I have some controversy with some of my members—Carmella, Queen Zelina—Rhea Ripley, Bianca Belair, I have such an incredible strong team. I’m so excited and confident that Team Raw—the Women’s team and the Men’s team—are going to pull the win. I’m so excited.

Becky vs. Charlotte, Champion vs. Champion match, which I’m excited to watch, but I’m definitely going to be watching differently and really just seeing where Becky’s at as well. She’s definitely going to pull out her best against Charlotte. I’m definitely going to be watching.

She needs to. With you coming down the way, she better make sure she’s on her A-game. Anytime she slips up against that number one contender, we could be seeing that pose again.
I’m watching and I’m waiting and I’m ready.

I ran through the Tribute to the Troops match with Bianca again. I wanted to ask. Was that a bigger deal match for you than some of the previous ones you’ve had recently?
I take all my matches really seriously, but yeah, Bianca Belair, she was our last Raw Champion, and she was an incredible champion. Royal Rumble winner. She’s an incredible athlete and performer, wrestler. She was Becky’s last opponent, so going into it, I definitely was thinking about Bianca, I was thinking about Becky. I lost. Bianca is so incredible. I lost, but I definitely learned a lot.

She’s so fun to work with. We have such fun energy, excited to go out there and perform and give it our all. We’ve mixed really well, our chemistry, we have really fun chemistry, Bianca and I. We’re just good friends.